About Roto Film Ltd

Roto Film Ltd is an independent film production company based in London, UK.

The company was founded in order to facilitate the production of Barnaby Miller’s first feature film, ‘S|T|R|A|Y|S’.

Roto Film will continue to facilitate the post-production, animation and VFX on Miller’s future projects.

For more information about ‘S|T|R|A|Y|S’, please visit the film’s website.

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About Barnaby Miller

Barnaby Miller is a Writer, Director and Animator. He has now completed all post-production on ‘S|T|R|A|Y|S’, where he performed all VFX and animation tasks himself.

He started his career working as a runner, both on set and in production offices, throughout his school and university holiday periods and then full-time, on promos, commercials, television and film productions.

Following his work as a 3rd Assistant Director, Barnaby then moved on to focus on his own projects.

During this period he developed his alternative ‘rotoscoped’ aesthetic, which has the look of a ‘living graphic novel’. This innovative style, whilst having the feel of an animation, retains the micro-expressions of performance that are often lost when traditional rotoscoping techniques are employed.

Miller is now, in addition to overseeing the sale and distribution of ‘S|T|R|A|Y|S’, developing future projects, some live-action, some purely animated and some which will utilise the unique post-production techniques he has refined.

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